Social Media … Good For Business

Nosey Parker loves social media – Facebook, Twitter, Blogging & of course, the Newsletter.  All of these wonderful mechanisms help small business keep up with their big business competitors by providing up to the minute details on what is going on. It is an edge they have and it is definitely evens the playing field a lot of the time.  Here are just a few of Nosey Parker FAV’s you can Fan or Follow!
Facebook: Swank, Simply NW, BrickHouse, Finder’s Keepers, The Makeup Studio, Anemone, Tin Roof, Concept Home, Jaime Johnson Events, Sean Watson Photography, Wild Sage, Monique’s Salon & Spa, Latah Creek, Tangerie Boutique, Kizuri, The Art of Flower, Zany Zebra, Lindamans, The Kitchen Engine, Diva-911 Online, Zola, Arbor Crest, Aletheia, Grassroots Spa, JL Wareen Interiors, Urbanna Spa, Fleurtation Floral, RainMaker Marketing, Davenport Hotel and Tower
Twitter: @handmadeflowers, @mermaidslake, @VisitSpokane, @SwankGirl, @Halletts, @SipofSpokane, @GreenCupBoards, @TinRoofHeather, @KISCFM, @mygoodgreetings, @MoniqueSalon, @pamscott, @corkjoy, @NWwomanmagazine, @LoganMagazine, @nectarwine, @rings_things, @gardenstonec, @meredithgal (HI Express Spokane), @TodaysMamaStaff, @mermaidslake
Nosey Parker on Facebook is Nosey Parker and Twitter: @NoseyParkerINW

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