The Rockwood Aesthetic Center offers a variety of aesthetic services that enhance one’s appearance through non-surgical techniques, utilizing the latest and most effective aesthetic procedures on the market.

All services are provided by a licensed Esthetician. Among the services provided are full and mini facials, full body waxing, eyebrow and lash tinting, microderm abrasion and laser hair removal.

The Ultimate Facial:

Step #1 Cleansing
Step #2 Exfoliating/Scrubbing
Step #3 Massaging
Step #4 Face Masking
Eye Masking *(lavender & chamomile eye tea bags)
Step #5 Lower Arm & Hand Massage During the Masking time
*Note:  Hot Steam Towels applied throughout the facial at various stages
Hot Steam billowing to the facial, neck and declote’ skin areas during the cleansing & exfoliating steps
Toners & Spring Waters misted & spritzed on throughout facial steps
Aromatherapy throughout facial service
Step #6 Declote’, Face & Neck “Treatment Product” applied *(different per individual’s needs)
Step #7 Moisturizing Step for declote’, neck & face
Eye Moisturizing, as well
Step #8 Sunscreen application

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